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All fine design values are human values.What makes modern living “fine”is a good balance between the designing the perfect personal space that is a balance between being intimate and living.
Living rooms are the gateway to your personal space.In modern times,designing Interior Designer In Noida the perfect living room is knowing where exactly to invest-it could be a new,bold color or a standout piece of furniture,a funky ceiling or simply a smart play with natural light.

Here taking you through three modern takes on designing living rooms:

Interior Designer In Noida

1) Neutral palettes are in and how! In case of spaces with a good amount of height,using textures or intricate panels with neutral shades adds a grand appeal to the space.We love how the simple addition of different hues of blues livens up the living room, making it a perfect spot for a fine, intimate evening with close friends.
2) Another fine way of curating a neutral look,the horizontal dimension of the space is high-lightened with the seating arrangement.Minimal,sophisticated yet cosy, we think such spaces can double up as the perfect set up for a movie with friends and family!
3) If natural, rustic and old world is your style of choice,a soothing palette of natural browns and and soft natural light works wonders and gives the alluring inviting” feel to  a living room. Add a modern touch with the help of inspired modern interior Designer In Noida decors timeless bookshelf,a bit of bling with accessories like cushions and lot of warm lighting.
4) We think ultra white is ultra glamorous.You can opt for an all white decor that is sure to be a standout feature in itself.To add texture, dimension and grandeur, you can pair all whites with smooth marble tops,pristine rugs,metallic decor and larger than life chandeliers.

What type of modern life do you prefer?

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